OUR Mission


CICV's mission is to provide housing and supportive services to our clients in a respectful and empowering way.  We assist eligible clients with entering our program and gaining housing solutions.  Through case management CICV can help clients in improving the quality of their living situation and connecting them with services in our local community.  We believe that housing the homeless makes a more stable and vibrant community.


"Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; Show him how to fish, and he will eat for a lifetime."  - Anne Ritchie


Our Board


John Collins - President                                Carol Goehring - Member

City Letter Carrier                                        Teacher


Steve Dyer - Vice President                          Kathy Lee -Director Executive Director



Tom Drury - Member                                   Latisha Cyprian

Surgical Technician                                     CICV Staff Representative









Family Time

OUR Programs:



Transitional Housing is 18-24 months of housing for qualified individuals and families.  This program is designed to temporarily assist with low income housing. Transitional Housing gives people who have had a temporary financial set back a chance to improve their finances, rental history, and get back into independent housing.


Permanent Supportive Housing is designed for those individuals with disabilities that are defined as chronically homeless. Chronic homelessness is defined as a year or more of homelessness or four or more episodes of homelessness over a three year period.  Proof of chronic homelessness must be provided on agency letterhead by emergency shelters, doctors, and other agencies that serve the homeless community.


Neighborhood Stabilization is a CICV program for families at risk of homelessness that meet the criteria.  Please call for availability.


HIV:  We have several excellent programs and support services available for those diagnosed with HIV.  Please call for an appointment.


Please come in to our agency and fill out an Eligibility Questionnaire to determine which program you may qualify for.  An Eligibilty Specialist will call you for an appointment if you meet the program requirements.